Hitman 3 Whittleton Creek PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Increasing your Mastery Level in Hitman and Hitman 2 is a lot of fun: you unlock neat new gear along the way, and it forces you to test your assassination skills and complete as many of the location’s unique challenges as possible. Those of you who are planning to pick up Hitman 3 may be excited to learn, then, that both Whittleton Creek and New York are getting additional Mastery Levels.

As these are two of the series’ smaller stages, they both topped out at Mastery Level 15 in Hitman 2. However, the Trophy List for Hitman 3 reveals that they’ll both now go up to Mastery Level 20, which matches larger locations like Paris and Mumbai. It means there are likely to be new rewards for you to unlock, as well as potentially even extra Challenges to complete.

Obviously, the Hitman games are already all about replayability, but these extra Mastery Levels should give you even more incentive to return to the two US-based locations.

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