Destruction AllStars is out in a matter of days, when it will be made available to all PlayStation Plus owners. Initially positioned as a full-price PS5 launch game, the vehicular multiplayer title was delayed to February and its cost eliminated. It was a smart move on Sony's part, as games like this depend on a healthy number of players.

Since then, we've had one or two trailers showing brief clips of gameplay, and not much else. Surely we'll get to see some meaningful footage, maybe of a full match, sometime soon? Again, the game's very close to launch β€” now must be the time to show this thing off, right?

Wrong: it's time for GIFs.

In all seriousness, developer Lucid Games has done a good job recreating some famous GIFs with its own characters. Hopefully, this leads into a proper gameplay reveal, as it does feel overdue at this stage. With February's full PS Plus lineup due to be announced this week, now seems like a good time to get the word out about Destruction AllStars; we're expecting to see something soon.

Are you hoping to see more from this game before it launches next month? Which of the new GIFs is your favourite? Drift into the comments section below.