Guilty Gear Strive Single Player

Developer Arc System Works has confirmed a bunch of single-player modes for its upcoming fighter, Guilty Gear Strive. If you don't feel like testing your skills online, there should still be plenty to see, including a full story mode that will apparently be revealed at a later date.

It sounds like arcade mode is the main attraction, which sees you select a character and take on a string of increasingly difficult opponents. Apparently, depending on how well you fight, arcade mode offers branching paths. And if things get really tough, other characters can actually show up to help you out. Interesting.

Then there's mission mode, which tasks you with completing a huge list of objectives. By working your way through, you'll learn everything from the basics of fighting games all the way to Guilty Gear Strive's most advanced strategies and techniques.

Beyond that, we've got survival mode, which has you hold out against the odds. Meanwhile, tutorial mode should be the first port of call for total beginners, and training mode is for when you want to lab it up. Finally, versus mode is exactly what you'd expect; you can fight against either another player locally or against the CPU.

Guilty Gear Strive will also come with a dedicated gallery, but again, this is a mode that Arc System Works won't be showing off just yet.

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