GTA Online Vapid Slamtruck PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Okay, now this is a fun new ride. GTA Online’s revered vehicle retailer Southern San Andreas Super Autos has added the Vapid Slamtruck to its roster, and what’s unique about this four-wheeler is that it doubles as a ramp. “Due to a recent spate of accidents involving this model, Vapid wants to remind any potential buyers that a common side effect of driving the Slamtruck is the constant stream of idiots attempting to clear your ramp on the freeway,” the Rockstar Newswire writes. “See one coming? For the love of god, duck.”

It’s part of this week’s GTA Online update, which includes double rewards on the Bunker series and Gunrunning, while the Vapid Peyote Custom is up for grabs at The Diamond & Casino Resort. There are also discounts on Bunkers and its various modifications if you don’t already have one.