Going Under kind of fell under the radar a little bit last year, but if you're after a different style of rogue-lite game, it's absolutely worth checking out. If you're unaware, it has you playing as Jackie, an intern tasked with clearing out the cursed offices of failed start-up businesses. You use whatever you can get your hands on as weapons, and there are dozens of abilities, items, and other quirks that make each run unique. It's cool.

Soon, the game will be broadened with a meaty free update. Called Working From Home, this upcoming expansion adds all kinds of new content. As shown in the above trailer, there are a couple of new modes to enjoy. Overtime Mode takes the existing dungeons and gives you seven extra levels of difficulty to mess with. Then there's Imposter Mode, which allows you to play all three of the main dungeons in a row. If you get to the end, a brand new boss fight will be waiting for you.

As the name of the update implies, you will also be able to visit Jackie's room, where you can chill out and change into one of her new outfits. When you want to get back into the fray, there will be lots of new content keeping things fresh; 34 in-game items, 25 abilities, nine curses, and one app mean more variety than ever. Finally, you'll also have access to blank business cards. If you kill an enemy with one of these, you'll trap them within the card, giving you a fun way to collect your own bestiary.

Again, all this is coming to PlayStation 4 in a free update. Working From Home will arrive on 25th February. What do you make of this? Are you still exploring the depths of Fizzle in Going Under? Drink some coffee in the comments section below.