Dying Light 2 Key Art PS5 PS4

In the past couple of days, you may have seen the mock-up of a potential Dying Light 2 Collector's Edition doing the rounds across the internet. Somewhat noteworthy since all Techland has done following the game's indefinite delay in early 2020 was recently promise more news is on the way. We chose not to report on the speculation because retail leaks are always a bit suspicious and more often than not incorrect, but now another online shopping outlet has updated its listing for Dying Light 2. EB Games Australia seems to think the game will be out on 25th May 2021.

Thanks to some internet sleuthing done by ResetEra users, it was determined this new date has been updated from a standard placeholder of "TBC 2021" in the past two days — matching the timeframe in which the supposed Collector's Edition was discovered. When conducting our own check, the launch date now displays the previous wording once again. Should this possible leak prove to be true, it means Dying Light 2 would release in close proximity to Resident Evil Village and Arkane Studios' Deathloop.

Fans were worried whether the game would ever see the light of day after last year's lengthy delay as well as a streak of notable employee departures earlier this month, thus kicking 2021 off with an extra bit of doom and gloom. However, spirits appear to be higher now as these retail leaks hint at what the future could hold for Dying Light 2. Let's hope some official news is shared soon.

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