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Dreams is all about its community and the things they make. As a result, the quality of experiences does vary pretty wildly. If you're looking to find the cream of the crop, the DreamSurfing menu has done a pretty good job of highlighting the right stuff, but one or two lists were filled with meme levels and other low effort works. However, as noticed by one Reddit user, the page has been given an overhaul, and it's definitely an improvement.

Now, if you browse the DreamSurfing menu, creations in your play later queue and ones that you're following are at the top, meaning the stuff you're most interested in is prioritised. Scroll down, and you'll find similar playlists as seen before, but these are now better, and there are more of them. Newest Dreams is there if you want to check out the very latest stuff, but then you have much more curated lists. What We're Playing is as it says, and then you have genre playlists such as High Score Challenge, Party Games, Test Your Mind, Can You Escape, and much more. These lists feature the better creations first and foremost, ensuring you'll be playing the top creations.

Of course, if you want to search for the newest or strangest creations, the game gives you the tools to do so. If you want to play a game about Shrek helping Wallace find his cheese, search bars and tags are your friends.

Anyway, DreamSurfing looks a lot nicer after this update. There's no patch to download, so no need to worry about that. What are some cool levels you've been playing in Dreams lately? Tell us in the comments section below.

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