Dragon's Dogma 2

Veteran Capcom developer Hideaki Itsuno is at it again, teasing his next project on social media. Itsuno is best known as the director of both the Devil May Cry series and Dragon's Dogma, with the excellent Devil May Cry 5 being his most recent work.

But now that Devil May Cry 5 is all wrapped up, what's next? Itsuno writes on Twitter: "The new project under construction in parallel is on track. It's still a long way off, but stay tuned for the announcement!"

Itsuno's not giving much away, but an educated guess says that this could well be Dragon's Dogma 2. The revered director hinted at the sequel's existence back in 2019, and rumours of the game's development simply refuse to fade away. And that's without mentioning the various Capcom-related leaks that surfaced last year, many of which suggested that Dragon's Dogma 2 is real.

In any case, it's probably a bit too early to get excited. As itsuno says, this thing is "still a long way off".

[source twitter.com]