Godfall PS5

Did Santa Claus not bring you Godfall on PlayStation 5 last month, despite including it on your Christmas list? Well, you're in luck if you reside in the USA as Amazon has dropped the price of the looter slasher to just $39.99. After being one of the infamous PS5 titles to originally retail at $70, this represents a significant price drop for the boxed product.

Better yet, there's more Godfall to come in 2021. The game has already confirmed it has at least one expansion arriving this year. In the 5/10 Push Square review, we concluded: "If everything Godfall had to offer was as good as its satisfying combat system, we would be looking at a darn good PS5 launch game. However, in reality, that's the only thing it has to boast about." Maybe those flaws won't seem quite as bad at a cheaper price?

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