Here's another early access PC game making its way to PlayStation soon. Curse of the Dead Gods has been in public development since the beginning of last year, but the top-down rogue-lite action title now finally has a release date. Published by Focus Home Interactive, it will launch on PS4 on 23rd February 2021.

The game has you exploring randomly generated floors in a cursed temple, with each level filled with monsters, traps, and secrets. Using Relics, various weapons, and double-edged Curses, you'll slowly go deeper into the temple, thwarting big baddies and growing stronger with each attempt.

Obviously, it sounds pretty similar to many other games of this ilk, but it looks promising nonetheless. Will it do enough to stand on its own, or is it all too familiar? We don't have long until we can find out. What do you think of Curse of the Dead Gods? Are you down for another rogue-lite on PS4? Roll the dice in the comments section below.