Moving Out is a delightful co-op game that hit PlayStation 4 last year. The objective, as the name suggests, is to remove a number of objects from each house and load them into a moving van. Of course, with up to four players and various hazards getting in the way, chaos ensues. It's a lighthearted title that rewards coordinated play, but lets you mess about too.

The premise of the game is very straightforward, but clearly, developer SMG Studio has been thinking of ways to shake things up. What better way to change the game than by inverting it? Today, a free update has been announced that will add Moving In mode.

As you might expect, Moving In has you doing the opposite: offloading various household items and placing them nicely into their new home. This new mode will be available in 12 of the game's stages, giving you plenty of extra work to do. The free update will also introduce an auto-snap function in the assist options if you need help putting things in the right place.

There's no firm release date for the update, but the press release assures it's coming "soon". Have you been playing Moving Out? Will you be checking out the Moving In update? Lift with your legs in the comments section below.