The Callisto Protocol PS5 PlayStation 5

Here's something that completely passed us by when The Callisto Protocol was announced. The upcoming horror game had a great debut with an atmospheric CG trailer, and Dead Space co-creator Glen Schofield is at the helm. It seems like a nailed-on win for survival horror fans, but there's a bizarre factoid that's sure to furrow some brows. The game is set in the PUBG universe.

Yes, this far future, sci-fi horror title is linked with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. How? Why? Well, one factor of this is that the game's studio, Striking Distance, is part of PUBG Corporation. In an interview with GamesRadar, Schofield explains further.

"We're part of helping PUBG Corp as a team of writers working on the lore of PUBG, and the universe," he says. "They have a timeline and we fit on that timeline now." Of course, the games are very far apart in terms of time and setting. The Callisto Protocol takes place 300 years in the future on one of Jupiter's moons. However, there will still be some links back to PUBG.

Schofield continues: "The Callisto Protocol's connection with PUBG is not gonna be really deep but there will be little connections here and there, and we'll probably be referencing one another from time to time, but it'll make more sense once the game comes out." We'll have to take your word for it, mate. The game won't be out until sometime in 2022, so we've a while to wait before we see how this plays out.