Are you looking for a game you could beat on your scheduled lunch break instead of these 100-hour RPGs hitting both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4? Arrog has you sorted then with a 30-minute experience coming to both consoles next month on 5th February 2021. That super short playtime is pitched as a feature rather than a flaw, so know that LEAP Game Studios has taken it into account. As such, the game will be priced at just $3 when it hits the PlayStation Store.

Arrog is described as a pretty relaxing experience based around solving puzzles — you'll also "explore and decipher the enigmatic subconscious of someone who must learn to accept their own death". Its minimalist approach to both design and visuals has supposedly won it a couple of awards, and those who have played the PC version have left incredibly favourable reviews on its Steam page. There's praise for its hand-drawn art style and interactive story, among other interesting elements. It's also said to have a very easy list of achievements to complete, which means you will have another Platinum Trophy to unlock in record time.

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