Worms Rumble is part of your PlayStation Plus subscription this month, and it's well worth checking out. The 2D multiplayer shooter might be a departure from the traditional turn-based gameplay, but it's still lots of fun. One of our main criticisms is the lack of content, but we suspected a long-term plan would bring more to the game, and that's definitely the case.

The first major update to Worms Rumble is coming next week on 17th December. This free content update will bring a new map named Deadly Dockyard, and it will also add a whole bunch of festive cosmetic items for you to unlock. There will be some premium skins and costumes too, if you want to splash some cash.

That's not all, though. Today, The Lab is being introduced — a new part of Worms Rumble that grants access to limited time events and playlists. When the doors to the Lab are open, you'll be able to take part in special game modes that will test your skills in various ways. The first event is Pistols at Dawn, which loads each worm out with a pistol containing just one bullet — but that bullet is a one-hit kill.

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