We love Geoff Keighley. We love The Muppets. We love that Geoff Keighley loves The Muppets. If you're like us, then seeing the madcap puppets doing their thing at The Game Awards is a daft little treat. Thankfully, a Jim Henson creation will be onstage once again at this year's show to bring some silliness to proceedings.

Last year, Bunsen and Beeker presented the award for Games for Impact. This time, you can expect to see none other than Swedish Chef presenting onstage:

There are no further details, but presumably there will be a similarly irreverent skit. To be honest, we'd like to see the entire Game Awards hosted by Swedish Chef, but Geoff does a pretty good job, we suppose.

Are you excited to see The Muppets return to The Game Awards? Cook up some comments below.

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