DualSense PS5 PlayStation 5

Here’s a story that’s destined to delight Linux fans – and dismay Windows users. Sony has published an official DualSense driver for Linux, allowing the PlayStation 5 pad to be used in both USB and Bluetooth mode with the operating system. It includes the full array of functionality, including rumble, touchpad, the lightbar, and motion sensors – although there’s no mention of the adaptive triggers.

The Japanese giant has released Linux drivers before so this isn’t entirely out of the blue, although this code is written specifically for its next-gen pad. Of course, while Linux is relatively popular, it’s dwarfed by Windows, and many will be hoping that the platform holder extends similar support for Microsoft’s operating system. While you can use the DualSense as a controller on the PC – and Steam even includes a custom configuration designed around it – we’re sure PC players would appreciate an official driver.

[source phoronix.com]