PS Store PlayStation Store 1

Goodness gracious, the new PS Store is an absolutely flabbergasting heap of horse doo, isn’t it? Look, we understand: coronavirus, new consoles, complicated – we recognise that rolling out a new iteration of the PlayStation Store can’t be easy. But after the previous versions – which were also rubbish, for the record – we liked to think Sony would finally get it right. Wrong!

We’ve talked plenty about the new web-based PS Store before, and to be fair, it has improved marginally over the past six or so weeks. Marginally. But the rollout of today’s massive January PS Store sale has served as a reminder of just how bad it still is. We’ve tried, over the course of the past six hours, to view the deals and we can’t see sh*t because it doesn’t work.

Okay, so we’ll just turn on our PS5 and look on there, right? Freakin’ wrong! For whatever reason, there’s some kind of lottery associated with whether you see the January Sale promotional banner, so we actually can’t access it right now. To repeat: the sale is live, features thousands of titles playable on the PS5, and there’s no way to see what’s discounted on the console itself.

Alright, then we’ll just go to PSPrices, a website run by a random individual who’s not even employed by PlayStation – it’s currently the best way to see what’s on sale. But the website’s gone offline because everyone else has had the same damn idea! And why are we even relying on third-party solutions to get to the information we need?

Look, it’s a first-world problem, and we’ll figure it out eventually. But of all the things you’d expect PlayStation to put a bit of care into, it’d be the part where you literally give them money, right? Unbelievable. This experience is unfathomably bad, and it needs to improve a lot in the New Year. Maybe the company could just hire the PSPrices person to do it all for them?

Have you had much look browsing the new PS Store sale yet? What do you think of the current state of Sony’s shopping plaza? Try to spend your money in the comments section below.