He's only gone and done it! After collecting three PlayStation 3s and four PlayStation 4s, YouTuber LoadingReadyRun now has five PlayStation 5 consoles to his name. He has one in his bedroom, another in his home theatre, one for the bathroom, an extra in the en-suite "to ensure even coverage", and one final one in the garden. Sounds just about right to us. The tongue in cheek video explains how Paul is better than you because he has PS5s while you have none. Just to reiterate: he has five PS5s. You probably don't have any more than one. The man also has an Xbox Series X, just to rub salt in the wound.

Paul has five PS5s and he really wants you to know that. How many PS5 consoles do you have? Explain how you have far less than five PS5s in the comments below.

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