One PlayStation 5 launch title that's flown under the radar is Planet Coaster: Console Edition, an amusement park management sim also available on PS4. If you've any nostalgia for games like Theme Park, this will be worth a look. It lets you create your very own rollercoasters and other attractions in efforts to win over the crowds. With the release of two premium expansion packs, you can make your park even more unique.

One is the Spooky Pack (trailer above), which obviously lets you put a Halloween-style spin on things with haunted houses and all kinds of creepy buildings, decorations, and more. Then there's the Adventure Pack (trailer below), which lets you add things like pyramids, ancient temples, and jungle areas.

The expansions are £7.99 each, or you can buy both in a bundle together for £9.99/$14.99. Have you been enjoying Planet Coaster on PS5 and PS4? Will you be picking up these expansions? Remain seated at all times in the comments section below.