Neil Druckmann Naughty Dog 1

Update: Newly minted Naughty Dog Co-President Neil Druckmann has commented on his promoted role at the company. He said that he'll continue "writing and directing" at the studio while "helping to mentor the next wave of creators". He also congratulated Alison Mori and Christian Gyrling in their new roles as Vice President.

We can't wait to see what the studio cooks up next.

Original Story: How do you hold on to key creative talent? Promote them as high as they can possibly go, of course. Having served three years as Naughty Dog Vice President, The Last of Us creator and director Neil Druckmann has now been promoted to Co-President. He’ll run the Sony studio alongside fellow incumbent Co-President Evan Wells.

This change has opened up two new Vice President positions: “We’re welcoming Alison Mori and Christian Gyrling as Vice Presidents of Naughty Dog. Prior to becoming Vice President, Alison served as our Director of Operations and Christian served as our Co-Director of Programming.”

So, what does this all mean? Well, for us as fans, not a lot – although it practically ensures that Druckmann will be staying put. That’s important as he’s a key creative figure at the company, and has his hands over pretty much everything it does. Currently he’s co-writing The Last of Us television show, but no doubt work is underway on the team’s next big project as well, whatever that may be.

“We have such an incredible team at Naughty Dog and being able to work alongside each and every one of them is especially meaningful these days,” wrote Evan Wells. “I feel proud of the team when I’m able to recognize their accomplishments and contributions to the studio. Please join me in giving them all a big congratulations!”