Fortnite is crossing the streams, everyone. As part of its ongoing Season 5 events, Epic's ever-popular shooter is opening up all kinds of cross media possibilities. Recently, God of War's Kratos arrived as a playable character within the game, along with related accessories. It means that, yes, you can play as the PlayStation icon on Xbox systems. However, that's not the only crazy crossover.

Indeed, while Xbox has gained one Spartan, so has PlayStation. Master Chief, the main protagonist of Microsoft's Halo series, has also arrived in Fortnite, meaning that you can now play as him on PS5 and PS4. Check out his amusing reveal trailer above. As with Kratos, some familiar weapons and other associated stuff is also in the game, including the Warthog vehicle, Gravity Hammer, and more.

In fact, let's just take a moment to enjoy this below tweet. It features PlayStation exclusive character Kratos, driving the Warthog from Xbox exclusive Halo, captured on a Nintendo Switch:

We're through the looking glass, people.

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