Ghost of Tsushima Patch 1.18

Ghost of Tsushima has another update, which you can download now on PS4 (and PS5 via backwards compatibility). Patch 1.18 fixes a number of "minor bugs", while also addressing a couple of potential issues brought up by those who enjoy the Legends multiplayer mode.

For starters, Sucker Punch wants to make gathering allies for the Raid easier. It also wants to negate the impact that missing players can have upon ongoing Survival runs.

The developer writes: "In order to address this feedback, we’re adding new Fill Party options, which will offer the ability to set specific parameters when you’re attempting to find other players. This new tool helps you fill your party for Gold and Nightmare Survival missions, Nightmare Story missions, and yes, all three chapters of The Tale of Iyo Raid."

It continues: "Using these Fill Party options, you (alone or with 1-2 members in your party) can search for players to complete your party of four based on your goals." This essentially means that the Raid now has optional matchmaking.

However, Sucker Punch does warn that using this method may mean that it takes longer to find suitable allies. That's because other players will have to match your specifications.

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