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It's fair to say DIRT 5 hasn't had the smoothest ride on PlayStation 5. While it's a super fun arcade racing game, the new-gen version has been suffering from a number of issues. Pretty regular crashes, the occasional visual hiccup, and a handful of Trophies that won't unlock. We've been waiting for news on an upcoming patch that will hopefully fix some of these problems, and Codemasters has finally provided an update on the, er, update.

As we mentioned, one of the biggest issues right now is that some of the game's Trophies don't pop once you earn them. This will be one of the things the upcoming patch will sort out:

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As it says, any Trophies you should've earned will be unlocked once you update your save. Codemasters has yet to address any of the game's other shortcomings, but hopefully it won't be long before it's functioning as it should.

Have you been playing DIRT 5 on PS5? Are there Trophies you should've unlocked that haven't? Slide through the mud in the comments section below.

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