Death Stranding has added a sizeable Cyberpunk 2077 update, as Kojima Productions and CD Projekt RED continue to cross-promote each other’s games. The massive add-on – available now on PC for free – includes a skin for the open world title’s Reverse Trike, a ‘Silver Hand’ robotic arm, new holograms, and a variety of fashion items, including Johnny Silverhand’s infamous aviators. There are also six new missions, inspired by characters and lore from Night City.

Unfortunately, as you may have already twigged, the content is only available in the PC version of the title for now. Here’s what Kojima Productions had to say when asked whether it’d also come to the PlayStation 4:

Given that this was, once upon a time, a Sony published game, it’s a bit of a shame to see the new items and missions skip PS4. However, we suspect that Cyberpunk 2077’s marketing arrangements with Microsoft could be the hurdle here. The developer’s statement above at least seems to allude that things may change in the future, so hopefully we’re all able to enjoy this in the not-too distant future.