PlayStation 5 can, in fact, play a handful of PlayStation 2 titles – but only ones that were ported to the PlayStation 4, like Jak & Daxter and Grand Theft Auto 3. Bizarrely, the Xbox Series X|S can play retro PlayStation titles much better – at least, until the inevitable batch of cease and desist letters get posted out.

Modern Vintage Gamer has been showing off how versatile Microsoft’s new machine is for a few weeks now, and these PS2 videos are particularly impressive. They’re using an open-source emulation app named RetroArch, which runs as a Universal Windows Platform client through the console’s development environment.

It’s not perfect – there are some visual and audio issues, as you’d expect from hobbyist emulation like this – but it’s good enough to make us question why the hell Sony hasn’t released its own emulator. Obviously licensing issues make re-selling retro titles a real headache, but we’re sure people would pay extra for the privilege to play their old PS2 discs.

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