Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the creators of sumptuous cream cheese Philadelphia have come up with a cheesecake kit that parodies the PlayStation 5. Named the Philly Series 5, this silly promotional product references both next-gen consoles – but best resembles Sony’s new machine.

“The Philly Series 5 kit comes with a specially designed pan with sleek, futuristic contours that will leave you revelling in awe at the most advanced technology in the history of cheesecake,” reads the marketing fluff. “And best of all, it contains the key ingredients you need to bake a cheesecake, delivering breath-taking flavour that is as delicious as it is immersive. Some highlights of the kit include five cream cheese bricks of power, Ultra-HD white chocolate, and the latest 3D cookie crumb technology.”

You can order a Philly Series 5 for $4.99 through here. Admission: we had no idea you could use Philadelphia to make cheesecake!

[source youtube.com, via phillyseries5.com]