Warframe PS5 Release Date Improvements

Warframe has a PS5 release date, and it's very soon. The free-to-play action RPG arrives this week, on the 26th November. It brings with it a slew of improvements over its last-gen incarnation, including overhauled visuals — a brand new dynamic lighting system and remastered textures have been promised — and super fast load times. Nice.

What's more, Warframe will make use of the DualSense controller. Different weapons will feel unique thanks to the pad's haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

Cross-gen play is also part of the package, so you'll still be able to team up with fellow space ninjas on PS4. They've thought of everything!

All in all, it sounds like Warframe should be better than ever on Sony's new system. Will you be giving it a shot? Craft a new frame in the comments section below.