Godfall PS5

Over the PlayStation 4 generation, it really feels like Sony's first-party studios have mastered the art of a Trophy list. They need to be comprehensive, but also fairly realistic to provide you with enough incentive to go for the Platinum Trophy. We were hoping this would extend to third-party studios, but it doesn't look like Counterplay Games got the memo. The Godfall Trophy list defines tedium.

It starts off okay with trinkets for defeating certain bosses, but then quickly gives way to some pretty uninspired Trophies. You'll need to defeat 2000 enemies, kill 200 enemies of multiple types, inflict status ailments 100 times of various sorts, and do the same for different weapon techniques. How many Polearm weapon techniques must you perform? 100. How many for Longswords? You got it: 100. It doesn't make for particularly great reading and doesn't exactly inspire us to try and unlock the Platinum Trophy. You can check out the full list on Exophase.

Are you going to put yourself through the task of unlocking all these Trophies? Let us know in the comments below.

[source exophase.com]