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It’s been a busy week at Push Square Towers as we begin to assemble our PlayStation 5 coverage. You may have already read our recent hands on impressions with Astro’s Playroom and the DualSense controller; do give it a read through here if you haven’t already, we’ve been pretty impressed with what we’ve experienced thus far.

Of course, while we have tons to write and talk about, we also want to know what’s important to you so that we can get to the topics you care about when future embargoes lifts. Obviously keep in mind that we won’t be able to answer all of your questions right away, but just reading your thoughts and concerns can best inform our coverage.

So ultimately, we want to know what you, er, want to know! No question is too small or silly; seriously, if you want to know more about the DualSense microphone or how the Create button works, then let us know. Your queries are going to make our coverage better, and hopefully we’ll be able to answer a lot of them in the lead up to launch.