Demon's Souls PS5 No Hit Run Hob

Completing a normal run of Demon's Souls is tricky enough, but what about beating the whole thing without taking a single hit? That's what Twitch streamer The_Happy_Hob managed over the weekend in front of thousands upon thousands of viewers.

Hob, as he's more commonly known, had previously spent stream after stream attempting the Demon's Souls no-hit run. Countless hours of practice and the mastery of very specific strategies make the run possible, and even then, it's every bit as difficult as you'd imagine.

It's worth noting that Hob has no-hit the original Demon's Souls many, many times in the past, but despite being an incredibly faithful remake, Demon's Souls on PS5 definitely isn't identical — especially when it comes to certain boss fights.

You can see the moment Hob completed the run via the video embedded below. Beware of possible spoilers, obviously.

With Demon's Souls PS5 vanquished, Hob is looking to complete five more no-hit runs before the year is out, having made a bet that he would be able to beat 12 different runs in 2020. One of these runs is what he calls 'The God Run 2', which consists of no-hitting Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls II, Dark Souls III, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in just one attempt. Get hit in any of these games, and it's back to the very beginning. We wish him the best of luck!

Anyway, well done Bob.