Due to the pandemic, Joey Chiu can’t queue for a PlayStation 5 right now. However, he’ll still be one of the first to enjoy Sony’s next-gen console, as the Japanese giant sent him a system ahead of this week’s launch. Alongside the device, the company included a commemorative plaque, which reads: “First in line for PS4. First in line for PS4 Pro. Patience is a virtue. This is for you. Play has no limits.”

Joey, as you can imagine, was pretty stoked to receive the package. “Okay, this is 100 per cent the craziest thing to happen,” he wrote on Twitter. “This is insane.” A happy chap, then.

For those of you who weren’t around for the PlayStation 4 launch, Joey was the first person in the world to purchase the console, where he was presented the system by then-PlayStation executives Jack Tretton and Andrew House. During a Geoff Keighley livestream, he celebrated his new acquisition by pantomiming the famous Antonio Banderas GIF – a popular meme at the time.

Fully deserved!

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