If you've been playing Bugsnax, you might have found yourself getting a little peckish with all the food-related goodness onscreen. The game has you exploring a mysterious island where sentient sustenance roams free, and honestly, some of those beasties look delicious. There are certainly a handful of culinary creatures we'd like for lunch — if only that were possible.

Except of course it's possible, because the Internet.

Pixelated Provisions is a food blog dedicated to making video game recipes a reality. Run by Victoria Rosenthal, author of Destiny and Fallout cookbooks, the site has of course turned its attention to Bugsnax, and has published three recipes so far based on some of the game's munchable monsters.

Strabby is simply a recipe for some meringue googley eyes you can affix to some strawberries (or any snack), while the other two are more involved. True to the name of the game, these recipes include some element of bugs. For the Flapjackarak and Cinnasnail, that means a little bit of cricket flour in the mix. If that grosses you out, you can substitute for regular flour.

Anyway, we love these, and Rosenthal tells us more Bugsnax recipes are on the way. Shy Weenyworm may be up next for the recipe treatment. There are lots more gaming goodies over on the blog, so have a browse to find food and drinks from Final Fantasy, Diablo, Bloodborne, and plenty more.

Will you be trying your hand at making some Bugsnax to eat in real life? Tell us how you get on in the comments section below.

[source pixelatedprovisions.com]