With today's launch, PlayStation 5 is now officially out in most major territories. To celebrate, Sony is of course going nuts. In London, the Underground has been given a PlayStation makeover, and there's even a cross-promotion with Greggs if you're feeling hungry. However, there's more — a huge advert is now dominating the side of a building in the city, and it has an amazing 3D effect:

Of course, it isn't just the UK that's being lit up for the PS5 launch. Major cities around the world have similar light shows going on. Above you can also see Italy's PS5 ad, and below we've included examples from France, Norway, Mexico, and New York City. The massive event has been helmed by Amplify.

There are so many other examples if you follow these tweets to the full thread. Canada, Japan, the Netherlands, Taiwan — it's an impressive display.

Are any of these PS5 adverts in your home city? Tell us if you've seen them in the flesh in the comments section below.

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