Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster N7 Day Announcement

Okay, nobody panic, but it looks like it's finally happening. N7 Day falls on this weekend — Saturday the 7th November, to be clear — and fans have been hoping that BioWare will celebrate the annual event by finally announcing the long rumoured Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster (also known as Mass Effect Legendary Edition).

Adding fuel to the fire, trusted industry sources, such as Eurogamer's Tom Philips and The Verge's Taylor Lyles, are teasing an N7 Day announcement.

Both point to the official BioWare blog, which will apparently share something at 8am PT (that's 4pm UK time).

Is this the moment that we've all been waiting for? It has to be, right? Either the remastered trilogy is upon us, or this is someone's seriously twisted idea of a joke.

We'll keep you updated.

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