Update (24/11/20): You'll be pleased to know that James Taylor has now responded to the negative reaction to his PlayStation 5 shenanigans. In a statement to Metro, the Made in Chelsea star claims to never have received a promotional PS5 from Sony, and thus never sold the console for a tidy profit.

Apparently, this was all just a social media stunt to "show how misleading an influencer can be". Taylor says Sony didn't provide a PS5, didn't sell a PS5 for £1200, and that the pictured console was "a friend's". He concludes, "The amount of trolling I have received is quite hilarious as the people that I have message [sic] are extremely tunnelled-visioned and believe whatever they see on social media."

We suppose this serves us right for reporting on a social media influencer. He's right in saying you shouldn't believe everything you see and read online, so we can at least take that lesson away from this bizarre episode. Let's move right along.

Original Story: We didn't think we'd be writing about Made in Chelsea on Push Square, but 2020 is a year of horrors, so here we are. One of the stars of the popular reality show was lucky enough to be gifted a PlayStation 5, only to sell it on for a ridiculous price.

James Taylor posted on Instagram about his PS5, apparently given to him by Sony for promotional reasons. After thanking "@playingstation5", he followed it up with another post, claiming he "didn't like" his PS5 and sold it for a £1200 profit.

Of course, he's as free as anyone else to do what he likes with his PS5, but context is key here. Taylor has come under criticism for this move for a number of reasons. For one, a lot of people who would genuinely love a PS5 can't get one due to widespread stock shortages. Also, he's sold the console for nearly three times the usual going rate, putting him in line with dastardly scalpers. Bragging about making £1200 off a PS5 given to him for free — especially when fans are struggling to find one at all — is clearly in poor taste.

If you're unfamiliar with Made in Chelsea, it's a reality show about a circle of Hell reserved for rich, attractive, promiscuous people. It's a merry-go-round of cheating, talking about cheating, and arguing about cheating.

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