King Oddball PS5

Here are two more PlayStation 5 games to look forward to: King Oddball and Undead Horde. Both already released for Sony's current-gen console, publisher 10Tons is seemingly taking advantage of the new system's launch by thrusting two of its titles back into the limelight. Their PS5 ports are all but confirmed by Trophy listings on Exophase, meaning these releases are very much happening. Maybe they can be cheaper experiences to pass the time between the console's launch line-up and the first batch of games arriving in December and 2021.

We actually reviewed King Oddball upon its 2014 release on PS4, awarding it a 7/10. Undead Horde, meanwhile, is "a necromantic action game with elements from action RPG, strategy and hack'n'slash". There's no word right now on if these re-releases will include any PS5 specific enhancements or not. Either way, it's two more titles to look forward to.

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