PS5 Gone Home

Here's a bit of a strange bug both this scribe and Push Square editor Sammy Barker have encountered: Gone Home is stuck at the top of our PlayStation 5 profiles for seemingly no real reason. The walking simulator from 2016 hasn't been played by either one of us since its PlayStation 4 launch and we haven't tested it via backwards compatibility, but the icon refuses to budge. As the image above explains, it even places itself above PS5 titles Demon's Souls and Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. What's causing this, you ask? We have absolutely no idea.

The glitch doesn't seem to be affecting many next-gen gamers, with Google searches bringing up just a few mentions that this is also happening with Rebel Galaxy. We'll have to download Gone Home and take it for a very quick spin to see if that gives it a budge. Has this odd bug happened to you too? Let us know in the comments below.