If you thought that the Immortals Fenyx Rising experience would start and promptly end on 3rd December 2020, you mustn't know how Ubisoft does things nowadays. The French publisher has today confirmed extensive post-launch support for the open-world title, taking the form of three pieces of DLC. All of them are story-driven and can be accessed either through the game's Gold Edition or season pass. Check out the trailer above for some context on each.

The first piece, titled A New God, takes place after the events of the main game and allows the protagonist to visit Olympus. Next up will be Myths of the Eastern Realm, which introduces a brand new hero to play as and steeps itself in Chinese mythology rather than the Greek islands found in the base game. Finally, The Lost Gods has another character to play as and actually switches up both gameplay and the camera angle. Interesting indeed.

There will also be free in-game events for everyone to participate in, daily and weekly quests to complete, dungeon challenges, and more cosmetics to unlock. This all sounds like the style of approach Ubisoft has taken with its massive Assassin's Creed series. Lots of content at launch and even more afterwards — both free and paid for. Cool!

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