Godfall PS5 Timed Exclusive

Here's a detail that you may have missed from Godfall's recently released launch trailer. At the end of the video, Sony reiterates that the game's a PS5 console exclusive. In other words, it won't be available on Xbox — just PS5 and PC.

However, an all-important asterisk leads to further clarification. A note at the bottom of the screen reads: "Also available on PC. Not available on other consoles until at least 12/05/2021."

Godfall PS5 Timed Exclusive

This suggests that Godfall's console exclusivity is indeed timed, and that it'll end up on Xbox after roughly six months of being exclusive to PlayStation. We were already pretty sure that this would be the case with Godfall, but now we have confirmation — assuming that it isn't some kind of mistake.

How do you feel about timed exclusivity? Do you think it's a smart move for Sony to partner with games like Godfall for the PS5's launch? Let the combos flow in the comments section below.

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