Fuser DLC

Fuser dropped earlier this month, and we were absolutely blown away by how impressive the title was. Offering an incredible toolkit, Fuser empowers even those with no musical talent to craft masterpieces out of major artists' music. One of our biggest fears, though, was there wouldn't be a consistent pipeline of DLC for the title going forward. But we are pleased to say that is no longer the case.

The 2020 Backstage Pass offers up an additional 21 tracks, as well as nine cosmetic bundles, all dropping before 2020 is up. The pass is $49.99, but you can snag individual tracks or cosmetic packs for $1.99 each if you'd rather cherry-pick certain things.

Given that the game already launched alongside a $39.99 bundle that actually contained more songs, the pricing seems a bit odd. Not to mention just how much money Harmonix is asking of its players, so soon after launch. But having a large pool of DLC to pick from isn't really a bad thing, even if you wait to grab the songs.

The first week of content includes:

  • Groove is the Heart by Deee-Lite
  • Adore You by Harry Styles
  • Inside Out by Zedd & Griff
  • Emote Pack: Dance Party

All of the new content should be available now. So what do you think? Are you already itching for some new Fuser tracks? Or is the launch lineup of tunes plenty for now? Let us know in the comments.

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