The buzz surrounding Fall Guys might have cooled down, but it remains a popular multiplayer party game. The colourful, 60-player platformer has been ticking along while we've all been getting giddy about PlayStation 5, with season 2 quietly playing out in the meantime. Now, it seems that talk has turned to season 3.

In typical fashion, Fall Guys' social channels have made a bit of an event of revealing the theme of its next season. It distributed 300 images among fans and tasked them with puzzling together a larger picture. This has now been completed, and it looks like the game will be getting a wintry makeover.

That's all the info we have right now, although the image does appear to tease a new round, and shows off one or two new outfits. We expect a full announcement will be made soon, along with some footage of any new courses.

Are you excited to learn more about season 3 of Fall Guys? Are you still jumping into this on PS4 or PS5? Tell us in the comments section below.