Have you been trying to find a PlayStation 5 DualSense Charging Station in stock anywhere across the UK? You're not alone as online retailers across the island nation have entirely sold out in the lead up to Christmas, meaning the accessory has suffered the same fate as the console itself. Yes, scalpers are getting their hands on them and bumping up the price across eBay.

The PS5 DualSense Charging Station is supposed to retail at £24.99, but as you'll see in the images below, scalpers are bumping up the "Buy It Now" price to a ludicrous £399.99. Meanwhile, traditional bidding wars see two other examples currently sitting on £65 and £51. One completed auction earlier today rose to an astronomical £99! That's a whole lot of money for a product that is likely sooner to come back in stock sooner or later, especially when you can already charge the controller via the USB cable provided with the PS5.

DualSense Charging Station eBay 1
DualSense Charging Station eBay 2

Have you been trying to get your hands on the aforementioned accessory? Would you pay these going rates or will you wait for the price to fall again? Let us know in the comments below.