Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Destruction AllStars was due to release on the PlayStation 5 at launch next week, so the title’s probably pretty much done at this point. However, it’s been delayed until February and added to the PlayStation Plus lineup – but that hasn’t stopped its Trophies from stumbling onto Sony’s servers. The trinkets actually give us a glimpse into what the title’s all about, and unsurprisingly the focus appears to be on online play.

There are gongs for completing single player challenges, but mostly you’ll earn trinkets for participating in the release’s various multiplayer modes. Each character appears to have their own Trophy, presumably to encourage you to experiment with their special abilities. You’ll also earn trinkets for winning 50 matches online, and emerging victorious at least once with each AllStar. A potentially tough one, then, but plenty of incentive to keep you playing.