Destruction AllStars was announced way back in the summer, but we've barely seen anything of the game since, let alone gameplay. Today that changes, however, with a brand new trailer showing off a couple of minutes of gameplay from the PlayStation 5 title.

It's looking pretty good. Competitors engage in destruction derby style chaos, but if you wreck your ride, you'll be running about on-foot, playing a risky game of Chicken with the remaining vehicles. It seems you can take over another player's car to get back into the fray, and even call in a special vehicle to dominate. One thing we noticed is the sheer amount of particles flying around — it looks great.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, community manager George Rule goes over some of the game's multiplayer modes. Mayhem is akin to a regular deathmatch. Carnado has you earning Gears and then banking your points in the titular twister. Stockpile is a capture and control style mode, while Gridfall is a little like a battle royale, where the arena floor falls away over time.

There's also a practice mode and a Challenge Series, which pits you against AI in numerous challenges. Of course, there will be a wide variety of cosmetic items to unlock, and you can equip them in the Rewards section.

All sounds pretty decent to us so far. Hopefully we can see more extended gameplay soon. Destruction AllStars was originally planned for PS5's launch, but has now been delayed to February, where it will be made available to PS Plus members for no extra cost. Are you excited to play this one? Get behind the wheel in the comments section below.

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