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Here’s an interesting customer relations strategy from renowned console and smartphone skin slinger dbrand: it’s refunding all PlayStation 5 pre-purchases because “you assholes” won’t be able to apply them properly. In an alarmingly candid Reddit post, the company explained that it has “no interest in selling a product that will generate a dozen customer complaints for every purchase”.

The organisation said: “We’ve seen you assholes try to apply the corner of a smartphone skin. Trust us when we say you can’t handle an application that’s 9x the size. Look at it this way: we regularly weigh the possibility of discontinuing AirPods skins altogether for no reason other than that you idiots can't install them correctly. A ‘full coverage’ PS5 skin would be like AirPods on steroids.”

To be fair, the firm just doesn’t appear to be satisfied with how the test skins it’s created look. Because of the unique shape of the system, it’s really difficult to design an adhesive that effectively covers all of the console, meaning you’re always going to end up with bits of white exposed. It posted an example of how its prototypes look, and it’s not particularly compelling.

dbrand PS5 PlayStation 5 1

“Our goal was to collect enormous sums of money in exchange for satisfying the consumer demand of making the PS5 not-white,” it added. “The product we’re confident you can apply doesn’t deliver on that promise. The product you have no chance of applying comes much closer to delivering on that promise, but again serves no purpose if the vast majority of you assholes can’t apply it properly.”

The company closed out by issuing a warning: “If you come across the promise of a perfect-looking, full-coverage PS5 skin that’s just a few clicks away, remember this post. We can all but guarantee it’s going to look like sh*t.” So yeah, looks like Sony’s probably going to have to flog those rumoured replaceable faceplates after all!

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