Many of our American readers will have already played with the DualSense, so you’ll have a good idea what it’s all about. For the rest of you, though, perhaps you’re still pondering what difference the PlayStation 5’s innovative new pad makes. Leave it to a 37-second YouTube video filmed on a smartphone camera to get the point across.

This is Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and while you obviously can’t feel the haptic feedback, watch what happens with the adaptive triggers. There’s a tightness at the top of the pull which represents the point of fire; tug beyond it and the R2 button will rattle under your fingertips to illustrate the weapon’s recoil.

Remember that developers Treyarch and Raven Software have hand-tuned each of the game’s weapons to reflect their feel, adding a downright absurd degree of immersion to the experience. We’ll be bringing you a full-length review in the near-future, but for now, just marvel at this transformative technology which helps you to physically feel the game in an all-new way.