It’s been going around our brain for about two weeks now, and we shouldn’t have to suffer alone. Astro’s Playroom has quite possibly the most addictive song since friggin’ Sweet Like Chocolate, as GPU Jungle is an earworm of apocalyptic magnitude. If, like us, you’ve been sitting there all day wailing GPUUUU-GPUUUU, then you may be looking for a full lyrics sheet.

Sue us once you’ve gotten permanent brain damage from this one mashing your grey matter:

Look at the light.
It falls just right.
My shadows they please,
Beneath the trees.
But none of these things happen for free.
Yeah, all that you see, rendered by me.

I synthesise and rasterise immaterial things that I fabricate for you.
For you.
Yeah, I tesselate and animate these dancing sprites and sunlit skies for you.
I do it for you.
I’m your GPU.

Tell me what to do, and I’ll do it for you.

You’ve never wondered why,
I catch your eye?
It’s ‘cos you overlook,
All the choices I took.
I spend all of my time,
Deceiving and misleading you.
I like to surprise, with my virtual lies.

So, there you have it – GPU Jungle’s lyrics for your personal penance. Good luck getting that one out of your head for the next decade or three.