Cold Steel IV Digital Pre-Orders PS4

Update 3: Cold Steel fans rejoice, for Trails of Cold Steel IV digital pre-orders are finally fixed. It's taken NISA and Sony several days to solve the issue, which was preventing people from actually downloading the game even though they had pre-ordered it from the PlayStation Store.

If you were impacted by this issue, your Cold Steel IV download should now be ready to go.

Update 2: NIS America has reached out to us, confirming that it's still working with Sony in order to fix the issue with Trails of Cold Steel IV digital pre-orders. It's now been over 24 hours since the game's release, and those who pre-ordered on the PlayStation Store are still unable to start their download.

"We've reached out to Sony Interactive Entertainment in the morning of Monday (the earliest possible contact window) to rectify the pre-order issue. Since then, we've been actively reaching out to SIE and been doing our best to find a solution for our fans that have pre-ordered the game," a NISA representative told us.

However, the publisher still doesn't know when the problem might be solved.

We'll continue to update this article as the situation develops. But again, let's just hope that this gets sorted out soon.

Update 1: NIS America says that it's still investigating the issue with Cold Steel IV pre-orders. No timeframe for when we can expect a fix has been given, and we still don't really know what the problem is, or why it's taken this long to correct a PlayStation Store issue. We'll continue to update this article as we learn more.

Original Story: It seems NIS America and PlayStation have a bit of a sh*tstorm on their hands when it comes to Trails of Cold Steel IV. The role-playing title is out today in North America and Europe on PS4 (that's the 27th October), but some fans can't even begin their download.

Those who pre-ordered the game on the PlayStation Store are unable to actually download it, as if the pre-order itself hasn't unlocked properly. It's unclear who's responsible for this, but series fans have been swarming both NISA and PlayStation support on social media in search of answers.

Right now, all we have to go on is this single tweet from the aforementioned publisher, which is from 17 hours ago (at the time of writing):

NISA has provided no further updates on the situation.

To be clear, those who haven't pre-ordered can still buy the game digitally with zero issues. But if you try to do so with a pre-order already in place on your account, you simply won't be able to. Again, it's a total mess.

And it really is a shame that this is happening. We played through Cold Steel IV recently for review, and we liked it a lot. Hopefully this whole thing gets sorted out sooner rather than later.