Much like how The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope was teased at the end of last year's Man of Medan, the newest entry (out today on PlayStation 4) has revealed the third instalment in the Supermassive Games franchise. It is called The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes, and you can get your very first look at it in the trailer above. While no platforms are attached, given its launch in 2021, we have to assume there will be a PlayStation 5 version alongside PS4.

The setting at least reminds us a little bit of this month's Amnesia: Rebirth, as an army platoon is sent to some sort of desert where they'll encounter a swarm of monsters. We're yet to play Little Hope, with review code only coming through yesterday. We'll be sure to bring you a full review of that one early next week.

Are you buying Little Hope? And what do you make of House of Ashes? Let us know in the comments below.