Looking for something creepy to play on your PlayStation 4 this Halloween? Devolver Digital has just announced a game that should hit the spot. Stories Untold, a horror adventure game released on PC in 2017, has been revealed for PS4 with the above new trailer.

The game is split into four stories that seem separate, but interweave in clever ways. They're each presented slightly differently, too, with one presented like a simple text adventure, while others are more involved. Set in the 80s, it has a thick atmosphere reminiscent of Stranger Things. Developer No Code brought us the excellent Observation last year, so any fans of that should definitely give this a look.

What's more, it's out tomorrow — that's 27th October — meaning it arrives just in time for the Halloween weekend. Will you be playing Stories Untold on PS4 with the lights off over the weekend? Look out behind you in the comments section below.

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